• Small Fish in a Big Machine (1986). Voyeur Records. Vinyl, Single, 45 RPM, 7″
  • I Won’t Have to Think About You (1987). Big Home Productions. Vinyl, 7″, EP
  • Blue Suburban Skies (1987). Big Home Productions. Vinyl, Single, 45 RPM, 7″
  • Goes So Slow (1989) Phantom Records. Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Single, 45 RPM, 7″
  • Outgrown This Town (1990). Phantom Records. Vinyl, 12″ EP
  • Nothing Ever Happens (1990). Sarah Records. Vinyl, 7″, EP
  • One Step Forward (1991). Sarah Records. Vinyl, 7″, EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
  • Beautiful Day (1991). Sarah Records. Vinyl, 7″, Single
  • Feral Pop Frenzy (1993) Sarah Records. Vinyl 12″/CD album
  • Feral Pop Frenzy (1993) Quattro, Japan, CD album (includes extra tracks)
  • Blue Eyes Deceiving Me (1993). Sarah Records. Vinyl 7″/CD EP
  • A Three Minute Song Is One Minute Too Long (2005). Egg Records. CD Compilation
  • Even As We Speak/In A Day (2000). Gifted Records. Split Single. Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM
  • Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions (2014). Feral Pop Records. Digital album
  • Such a Good Feeling (2017). Emotional Response. Digital single
  • The Black Forest EP (2017). Emotional Response. Vinyl 10″ EP/CD EP and Digital
  • Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions (2017). Emotional Response. Limited edition CD album


Even As We Speak – Nothing Ever Happens – 7″ Vinyl EP

nothing ever happens cover frontnothing ever happens cover backnothing ever happens label backnothing ever happens label frontLabel: Sarah Records
Country: UK
Catalogue: SARAH 37
Date: Nov 1990
Format: 7″ Vinyl
Side A1: Goes So Slow
Side A2:
 Blue Suburban Skies
Side B1:
 Bizarre Love Triangle
Side B2: Nothing Ever Happens
Side B3: A Stranger Calls

This release is a compilation of the Australian independent releases
Tracks A2 & B1 were released on Big Home Productions in 1987.
Tracks A1, B2 & B3 were released on Phantom Records in 1989.


Even As We Speak – One Step Forward –   7″ Vinyl

Label: Sarah Records
Country: UK
Catalogue: SARAH 49
Date: Jul 1991
Format: 7″ Vinyl
Side A1: One Step Forward  
Side B1:
Must Be Something Else  
Side B2:
 Best Kept Secret
A1 and B1 Recorded and Mixed at Powerhouse Studios. Sydney, Australia.
B2 Recorded and mixed
by Liz02L
Pre-production at Disappearing Wilderness Studios, Sydney
Produced by Julian Knowles
Highest chart position: NME No. 3, Melody Maker No.5


Even As We Speak – Beautiful Day

Label: Sarah Records
Country: UK
Catalogue: SARAH 59
Date: Jan 1992
Format: 7″ Vinyl
Side A: Beautiful Day
Side B: Nothing Much At All
Recorded at ABC Gore Hill and Powerhouse Studios. Sydney, Australia
Produced by Julian Knowles
Highest chart position: NME No. 5, Melody Maker No.4


Even As We Speak – Feral Pop Frenzy

Label: Sarah Records (UK), Quattro (Japan)
Country: UK/Japan
Catalogue: SARAH 614, SARAH 614CD, Quattro – QTCY-2021
Date: Feb 1993
Format: 12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital

1. Beelzebub 2. Beautiful Day 3. Falling Down the Stairs 4. Zeppelins 5. Anybody Anyway 6. Love Is the Answer 7. To See You Smile 8. Straight as an Arrow 9. Squid 10. One Thing 11. Sailors’ Graves 12. Spirit of Progress 13. Cripple Creek 14. Swimming Song 15. One Step Forward 16. Drown 17. O.G.T.T.

Recorded at ABC Gore Hill, Disappearing Wilderness, Rich Studios, Sony Studios, Megaphon Studios, Powerhouse Studios and Anita’s kitchen. Sydney, Australia
Produced by Julian Knowles
Highest chart position: NME No. 5, Melody Maker No.4
Emusic: 4.5 stars Featured Album

Download lyrics for Feral Pop Frenzy

EAWS Lyrics 1

EAWS Lyrics 2Even As We Speak – Blue Eyes Deceiving Me EP

Label: Sarah Records (UK)
Country: UK/Japan
Catalogue: SARAH 791
Date: July 1993
Format: CD single and 7″ Vinyl

1. (All You Find Is) Air 2. Getting Faster 3. Blue Eyes Deceiving Me

Recorded at Hollybush Farm, underneath the Gatwick flight path
Produced by Julian Knowles

Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions

Label: Emotional Response
Country: USA
Catalogue: ER66
Date: 2014 (Digital), 2017 (Limited Edition CD)
Format: CD

Complete John Peel and Mark Goodier Sessions

Tracks: 1. Stay With Me 2. Falling Down The Stairs [Peel Session] 3. Straight As An Arrow 4. Sailor’s Graves 5. The Revenge Of Ella Mae Cooley 6. Blue Eyes Deceiving Me 7. (All You Find Is) Air 8. Coz I Like It 9. Falling Down The Stairs [Goodier Session] 10. This Is My Dream 11. Getting Faster 12. Best Kept Secret 13. Suddenly  14. Everywhere I Go 15. Until Tomorrow 16. 30 Miles

Recorded and Mixed at: BBC Maida Vale Studio 4

The Black Forest

Label:  Emotional Response
Country: USA
Catalogue: ER55
Date: Sept 2017
Format: 10″ Vinyl, CD, Digital

1. Clouds 2. Our People Travelled Many Moons 3. Such a Good Feeling 4. Slugman 5. A Walk in the Black Forest