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The Black Forest – press quotes

This is inspired indie pop that will surely be lauded in December as comeback of the year “ [Linear Tracking Lives]

It’s simple, carefree and utterly sublime, displaying their trademark blend of pure pop and ironic dark lyrics mining life’s misses in a bittersweet wrapper” [The Devil Has the Best Tuna]

It is clear that Even As We Speak can still thrill and inspire. The five-song set is essential indie pop and we highly recommend it” [While You Motor Away]

“Even as We Speak are considered a legendary band from the Sarah Records archive…this is an amazing new comeback-single.. summery, shiny indiepop” [EarDrums Music: Best Releases of the Month]

Great, great comeback!” [Cloudberry Cake Proselytism]

“Even 25 years on, they don’t seem to have missed a beat, crafting timeless pop music” [Austin Town Hall]

“Even As We Speak haven’t lost any of the charm that earned them the distinction they received the first time around” [Destroy/Exist]

“From the sweetness of ‘Clouds’… to the reverb-laden shoegaze of “Our People Travelled Many Moons”, passing through jewels such as “Such a Good Feeling” and “Slugman”. What can we say? Welcome back!!” []

“Was there ever a more perfect band to grace the much-missed Sarah imprint back in the day? A band with the ability to make you smile through tears, their songs shone with the innocence of youth…told through a melodic prism that fizzed with ear candy effervescence… there’s a breathless tug afoot here, its disarming quiet reflection… a softly mellowed murmur that gently stings with slow fused seduction” [The Sunday Experience]

“Australia’s Even As We Speak were associated with the esteemed indie-pop cult label Sarah Records, but their music was always a cut above their label mates.. Their songs–often short bursts never longer than two to three minutes–were both punky and sophisticated…. If any band is in dire need of a full career compilation, it’s this one; that they’ve reunited and recently released a smashing EP is joyous news indeed” []