The musicians in Even As We Speak do a lot of other stuff with music.

Matt Love has a solo project that explores primitive country and hillbilly music.

Julian Knowles has a bunch of projects from post rock to solo ambient electronica including Forestville, a studio collaboration with Tim Bruniges and David Trumpmanis.

Julian is also a member of experimental electronic outfit Social Interiors – with Shane Fahey (Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Scattered Order).

Mary Wyer has side projects, most notably Her Name in Lights, featuring members of Smudge and The Hummingbirds.














Now does all of that make sense?

It does to us….


Even As We Speak Guests

And for those of you interested in the guests we invited in for our Peel Sessions, here are some leads.

Younger Youth (from London)

Younger Youth we found somehow in the estates of South London. He is an incredible vocal performer.  The Goodier Session version of Falling Down the Stairs (1993) was performed pretty much in one take with YY and Mary singing around the same mic.

Louise Elliott (ex Laughing Clowns)

Louise had an amazing pedigree as a wildly inventive sax player. We knew her work through the Laughing Clowns (Ed Kuepper’s band post The Saints). Louise had relocated to London some years earlier and can be heard on the studio and Peel Session versions of (All You Find Is) Air. The Laughing Clowns were such an influential band for us, growing up in a great period for Australian music.


Stevie Wishart

Stevie is a well known early music performer and composer, originally from the UK, who spent some years living in Australia. Stevie works across both early music and new/experimental music and Julian had worked with her before in the experimental music group Machine for Making Sense and also as a collaborator on her solo album ‘Wish‘. Stevie plays hurdy gurdy on 3o Miles (Peel Session) and violin on Suddenly (Peel Session).