The band would like to personally thank the following legends for their generous support of our crowdfunding campaign (@ $50 or more) for NYC Popfest. We love all of you!


The PBC show audience


Matt Coyne


Danielle Farrow-Pryke


Cathy Gray

Scott McDonnell (came back and gave twice!)


Donald Chin (came back and gave twice to take us over the target!)

Jeff Kelson (came back and gave twice!)


Owen Dixon (came back and gave twice!)

Anna Laurel Kirsch

Peter McTaggart


Heidi Jones McLeod


Carmen McLeod

Cathy Verry

Ruth Wyer


Brett Elliott

Rob Flynn

Caitlin & Josh Gaffin (WTSQ)

Ang Meow Kok

Fern Newco


Pierre Benavente

Heinz Brossolat

Michael Chin

Stephan Dietrich

David Jarvis

Susan Thomas


Dolores Arenas

David Bunting


Carrick Blair


Stephanie Fendekian

Suyin Hor

‘The Loves’

Jill Macfie

Jo Rinaudo

Simon Rotherham

Elizabeth Wyer

Maureen Wyer